Welcome to Writing Her Sense

I make my living as a marketer, but in my heart I’m a writer.  I quit doing any creative writing for nearly 20 years, after I finished my MBA.  The only composition I did was PowerPoint presentations and memos. 

Then my longtime companion died suddenly.  I kept working, kept breathing, went through the daily drudgery.  But I started looking back to old pleasures and talents from the days before I knew him.  I took a writing class at the Hudson Valley Writers Center.  I took several classes.  I experimented with fiction and children’s books.  Finally I realized all my short stories were memoir in disguise, so I found my writing home.

I’d like to thank David Surface for helping me come back to writing and Susan Hodara for helping me find my voice.  Special shout-out to my dear friends and family, who are always encouraging, and my classmates at HVWC, who invariably are generous, helpful and accurate!

I’ll be posting pieces of memoir/stories and whatever else fits.  Hope you enjoy. Tags: , , ,