Too Much Sharing?

An article in The New York Times today addressed how people handle the proliferation of social media sites .  Some folks are even threatening to start a boycott or cut back their usage.  It’s a far cry from the old message boards.  Most of these sites will not survive (remember Friendster?).  But there are an alarming/exciting/bewildering number of ways to communicate online.

I’m less concerned about the burgeoning number of ways we can talk to each other because we all have a choice–pick the one(s) you want to use, and walk away from the others.  I’m more concerned about the public nature of most social media.  This blog is an example.  Everything I write here is true to what I recall or what I know.  However, there are many subjects I don’t write about because this forum is public.

I don’t want to argue about politics or religion.  I don’t want to reveal family secrets.  I don’t want to tell stories that could be damaging to me personally or professionally.  Yet I will only write about things I care about or find amusing.  So you can trust my content, but it’s not very sensational.

I’m concerned about the wealth of personal information many people divulge online.  Did you know employers are now checking Facebook to see if potential employees exhibit bad judgment or distasteful behavior?  All I’m saying is, let’s stop and think before we post.  Then go ahead and tell a good story!


Author: writinghersense

Marketer, memoir writer, cat lover, Tennessee native, now a NYer.

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