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Recipe: Bite-Size Cheesecakes

This recipe comes from my sister Juanita.  I made it for my Christmas party, and it was pretty popular.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the little cheesecakes, but they were festive, and very tasty!  Just a little something … Continue reading

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More Sayings From My Mother

The other day I realized I had violated my in-home safety policy. I never even thought about such things until my friend Renny ran downstairs in her sock feet, slipped on the carpeted stairs, and shattered her ankle so badly … Continue reading

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10 Years of Supper Club

In January ten years ago, my friend M. went off to a writer’s retreat near Chicago to work on her poetry for a month, leaving behind her husband, B.  B. is a human resources consultant and trainer and is often … Continue reading

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1980 Flashback

Argo on IMDb I just saw the movie “Argo” this afternoon, and it took me right back in time to 1980. It’s a great movie, no question, a tightly-plotted, suspenseful thriller with a lot of good lines and really funny … Continue reading

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