1980 Flashback

Argo on IMDb

I just saw the movie “Argo” this afternoon, and it took me right back in time to 1980. It’s a great movie, no question, a tightly-plotted, suspenseful thriller with a lot of good lines and really funny characaters as well. It’s also a time machine!

I hadn’t realized how long ago that was. It seemed like the Iran hostage crisis would never end, much less end with them getting out safely. I didn’t recall about the six who were “rescued by the Canadians,” which is the subject of “Argo.”

What really took me back was the footage they used of actual TV news broadcasts–Uncle Walter! (That’s how I thought of Walter Cronkite.) And the clothes! Those awful huge glasses, especially the aviators! And the mustaches. The look was really end-of-the-seventies. So much denim!

It’s also painful to think that the Iranian people went straight from one kind of repression (the Shah) to another kind of repression (the Ayatollah.) And they are not free to this day, especially the women.

I did enjoy the movie a lot. But I did feel a little sad, too. Has it really been 30 years since I was getting out of Wharton, going to interviews with a bad perm (think When Harry Met Sally) and wearing a pair of those glasses?


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One thought on “1980 Flashback”

  1. I had a bad perm then, too…. but I was just a kid. I only remember the hostage scandal from the blurry lens of a kid, hearing it on the evening news before bed. I just found out what the movie is about… brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing your work. I just started my site (and have little to no experience) to promote my memoir, writing. It’s been helpful to check out other writer’s and see what they’re doing. Thanks!

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